2v2 League is finally here!

Time to find a friend and start your journey to the top!

Posted on: January 26, 2020

I’m glad to announce that the 2v2 league has finally been released. Hopefully it has been worth the wait. Rules have been updated for the 2v2 games as well so make sure you check them out before you start making plans on how to go about winning your games.

Note that you maximum can be part of 2 teams (for now), so please choose your teammates carefully. There is no going back and changing after the first game has been played. Also note that everyone in the team can add a game, but only the one who created the team can approve or disapprove a game. Make sure to communicate with your friends on who adds the game so you don’t add 4 games for the one game you played.

I’ve also noticed some people being unecessary toxic in league lobbies. Please think about how you are behaving.

It’s only game. Why you heff to be mad

I am aware of that there might be bugs with the new release, don’t hesitate to contact me (Zato) if you find one! Ideas/improvements are also welcome.

Happy teamfighting,