How do I find an opponent?

Finding an opponent is best done by creating a lobby and putting a description indicating you want to play a league game.

What about map and locations?

The player with the higher elo picks map. The player with the lower elo then picks a pair of locations and picks one of the locations.

If both players have the same elo, the player who suggested the game picks the map.

Player A: 1214 elo

Player B: 987 elo

  • Player A picks Eruption.
  • Player B picks location 2.
  • Player A has 3 locations to choose from (4/5/6).
  • Player A picks location 5.

What should the game settings be?

Game settings should be: 60 1.5x 1x

I won, but why didn't my elo change?

Your elo will change after you have added the game and your opponent has approved it.

My opponent added the game, how do I approve it?

Games you will have to approve can be found by clicking the alert icon next to your nickname.

Both my opponent and I added the game, how do we fix this?

If both of you added the game and none (or one) of you have approved it yet, there is still hope! Let your opponent know you both added the game and then decide which one of you disapproves the game and approves the game.

If you both approved the game just poke Zatoara on Teamspeak, Discord or in-game and he will delete one of the games.