1. 14.12.2018

    1. Added more maps (Neguno and Florizon).
    2. Locations have been updated. There will be a wider set of locations to choose from.
    3. Rules have been updated. The player with the lower elo will no longer pick location for the other player.
    4. The remaining achievements have been updated.
  2. 18.06.2018

    1. Minor improvements in site performance.
  3. 26.05.2018

    1. Renamed the instructions page to game page.
    2. Game page is now tab based instead of being an infinite list.
    3. Updated the alert with a better styling.
    4. Title games will be played between the two players with the highest elo three highest ranked players.
  4. 24.05.2018

    1. Updated the layout on the front page.
    2. All played games now count towards troop icon achievements (instead of only title games).
    3. Title game winners will achieve a medal instead of an troop icon.
    4. Title games will be played between the current title holder and the player two players with the highest elo.
  5. 23.05.2018

    1. Players now have a profile with recent games.
    2. Inactive players won't decrease in elo if they haven't played for a month.
    3. You should now get a confirm modal before denying a game.
  6. 21.05.2018

    1. An achievement page has been added.
    2. Players now have a country flag. (If you don't have one, please poke me (Zatoara) and I'll add one for you.)